What Is Quality Assurance? Definition and Overview

The quality control method is used to measure the quality process performance. The type of product a company manufactures determines the quality control measures that will be used. Inspectors, generally employees of regulatory bodies, ensure that products meet quality control criteria.

The Taguchi Method considers the design process more important than the manufacturing process. It’s ideal for those set on eliminating production defects before they occur. Inspection may involve the visual examination of a product, the chemical or microbiological testing of a product, or even the analysis of a service. Inspectors can check for defects or variations in any number of ways, depending on the industry and the scope of the QC inspection.

Quality Control definition

In the case of products, they are checked and examined for visual elements, or the end results in the case of services. Inspectors often work using checklists and descriptions of defects. The ultimate goal of the quality control process is therefore to ensure that employees strive for perfection and zero defects. This QC method evaluates all the different aspects of a product in a single inspection. The main focus here is to rule out defects or flaws that will impact the product quality. This method is so specific that it may require manufacturing data and software.

Quality control explanation

So, in this article, we have discussed about Quality Control along with its importance and methods. We have also discussed some FAQs in which we have given a brief description of the difference between both Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Now, let’s see some of the frequently asked questions related to quality control. Standards of Quality Control help to lower the inspection costs and use the resources in a cost-effective manner.

Quality control

Continuous performance management, in a human resource management context, is the supervision of an employee’s performance … Hypervisor security is the process of ensuring the hypervisor — the software that enables virtualization — is secure throughout… Google Bard is an AI-powered chatbot tool designed by Google to simulate human conversations using natural language processing and machine learning. Finally, the QC process must be ongoing to ensure that remedial efforts, if required, have produced satisfactory results and to immediately detect recurrences or new instances of trouble.

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The brand products build up goodwill or image which ultimately increases sales. Quality control of products bears distinct advantages for all – whether producers or consumers. The Management Dictionary covers over 2000 business concepts from 5 categories. Measuring Instruments like Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Height Gauge, Bore Gauge, Depth Gauge, Plug Gauge, and Snap Gauge, etc. are widely used by quality Inspectors/Engineers in QC activities. “Control” means identifying/observing actual performance against defined SOP.


These controls may be largely dependent on the industry of the business. Due to the strict nature of food inspections, for example, it may be in a company’s best interest to sample products internally and verify these results in a third-party lab. This 100% inspection method is a quality control process involving looking at and assessing all product parts. This type of quality control is done to rule out flaws in products. This method is often used to evaluate valuable metals and produce.

  • Efficient Quality Systems ensure the project’s success by ensuring the system is delivered in a specific and strict timeline, Respecting the allocated budget, and maintaining a certain standard.
  • Having drawn quality control chart, the entrepreneur can easily and clearly locate the points of deviations and causes of it.
  • A professional designation like Certified Quality Inspector may also be required.
  • A good quality control specialist will be able to disseminate scientific and research-based thinking to a business community and assist with the problem-solving process.
  • Processes are monitored and adjusted to ensure quality and improve performance.

Through this process, a business can evaluate, maintain, and improve product quality. Quality control can be done in various ways, from training personnel to creating data-driven tools to test products and set standards. Quality control methods help create a safe work environment and products that are safe to use and meet customers’ needs. Additionally, it is a rewarding career for someone that enjoys investigating issues and improving outcomes. While QA refers to the confirmation that specified requirements have been met by a product or service, QC refers to the actual inspection of these elements. Both QA and QC processes are important to quality standards, but so is knowing the difference between quality assurance and quality control.

Quality Inspection Definition

This course focuses on two important management methodologies — Lean practices and Six Sigma — that will enable you to accelerate business improvement. Your employer may require you to take professional development classes or obtain certifications like Six Sigma. A professional designation like Certified Quality Inspector may also be required. As you gain job experience, you can advance to the position of senior specialist and start leading groups of quality control specialists. Production rate is the pace at which units of a product are manufactured within a scheduled time frame.

Quality control explanation

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