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Then choose from 5+ resume templates to create your help desk engineer resume. Analyze, diagnose and resolve problems on hardware, software, OS, applications and devices. Manage the PC refresh program transferring all user data remotely and installing require software applications. Qualified candidates in North America who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or because of a sincerely held religious belief may request a reasonable accommodation to this policy. For Europe, this policy requires team members to be vaccinated or produce a daily negative COVID-19 test administered on-site to work from the hub or attend in-person meetings.

What does L1 L2 L3 mean?

I was a Level 2 and 3 support Engineer during my career. L1 — Level 1. L2 — Level 2. L3 — Level 3. Ticket — Incident.

As a Help Desk Technician, you will provide Tier 1 support to our customers via phone, email and computer chat. You will ask appropriate questions and use knowledge and resources to diagnose and resolve their issues. An IT Help Desk Technician is a professional who provides technical support and assistance to customers, whether on the phone or in person. Their primary intention is to ensure a client’s satisfaction and ability to properly operate any machinery or technology they may be having trouble with. Moreover, with the exponential adoption of mobile devices, there will be a need for more Service Desk Engineers to provide support services. IT certifications in support can vary between college courses and apprenticeships. Support engineers often learn on the job and cater services to specific businesses, software, and hardware.

Service Desk Engineer Work Environment

The Leidos pay range for this job level is a general guideline only and not a guarantee of compensation or salary. As technology becomes more widespread, businesses are using it to improve the way they do business. This includes using technology to automate tasks, such as customer service, and to connect with customers in new ways. Telsyst February 26, 2014 It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Everyone hates making the call to their cable company, cell phone company or any customer service specialist, but you need some help in these situations.

Even during something as simple as a shift handover, help desk technicians collaborate with their coworkers. Collaboration helps them deliver value and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Be good at time management

An information engineer is responsible for monitoring the efficiency of computer systems and network infrastructure, performing configuration to boost the optimal performance of the technology systems. Information engineers assist end-users in resolving network issues, identifying the source of inconsistencies, and create resolution reports for reference to avoid reoccurrence. They also design new network systems according to business needs and client specifications, running multiple diagnostic tests to ensure effectiveness before the release of final deliverables.

Speaking skills is important to being able to communicate efficiently with multiple people regarding your thoughts, help desk engineer ideas and feedback. Make changes to domain registration DNS for various applications such as google apps.

What is IT Help Desk, Job Description, Certifications and Salary?

This means customers are given automated ticketing to ensure their query is directed to the right help desk support engineer. A senior infrastructure engineer specializes in designing and developing systems and infrastructures based on client preferences and industry standards. Service desk engineers can utilize this trend by developing skills in customer care and problem solving. They can also work to create a positive image for their company by providing excellent customer service to all customers, not just those who are unhappy. A service desk engineer job description typically includes both technical and communication skills. The engineer needs to have a strong professional phone etiquette and a good knack for solving technical problems over a phone. This requires patience and determination to solve difficult technical problems from a remote location.

  • Has experience in administration and troubleshooting of audio and video infrastructure, Wifi, VPN.
  • They typically work during regular business hours, but they may be required to work evenings or weekends to meet deadlines or to provide support during system outages.
  • As a help desk technician, you are responsible for responding to email, chat, or phone queries and offering technical support to customers using computer systems, hardware, and software.
  • They may also be required to travel to different locations to provide support or to install new hardware or software.
  • Also, keep in mind that analytical thinking is a transferrable talent that can help you thrive in various professions.

They should have extensive technical knowledge of various technologies and products, including local area network /wide area network technologies. A Desktop Support Specialist is focused on troubleshooting different software packages, hardware devices, and other peripherals. They monitor the performance of the company’s desktop infrastructure. Perhaps the hardest question to answer when deciding on a career as a help desk engineer is “should I become a help desk engineer?” You might find this info to be helpful. When compared to other jobs, help desk engineer careers are projected to have a growth rate described as “faster than average” at 10% from 2018 through 2028. What’s more, is that the projected number of opportunities that are predicted to become available for a help desk engineer by 2028 is 83,100.

000+ Help Desk Engineer Jobs in United States

Then choose from 10+ resume templates to create your Help Desk Engineer resume.

help desk engineer

The Help Desk Engineer will have experience troubleshooting, installing, configuring, and testing different technologies. This opportunity allows the selected candidate to grow internally with the company. This means that service desk engineers will need to be well-versed in a variety of technologies, including hardware, software, and networking. They will also need to be able to troubleshoot complex problems and provide customer support. Technical support service desk engineers may also receive on-the-job training to learn the specific systems and processes of their company.

Job Description:

The goal is to create value for clients that will help preserve the company’s reputation and business. If you are looking forward to being placed as a freelance Service Desk Engineer in the Top Freelance Marketplace, visit

What is a Tier 3 help desk?

Tier 3: Tier 3 is usually the highest level of technical skill in the organization, and often includes the product engineers or developers. Tier 3 personnel are involved when the only way to resolve a customer issue is a design change, enhancement, or bug fix that requires a software or hardware update to the product.

Has experience in administration and troubleshooting of audio and video infrastructure, Wifi, VPN. Has a middle level of administration and troubleshooting of Apple and Windows software . Has a good understanding of the Jira help desk or Jira service desk and Confluence.

IT Help Desk Technician job description template

Is able to provide a clear and easy answer or update to the end user. Use our online hiring platform and get a candidate shortlist immediately. Contact candidates independently to set up interviews and bring your top choice on board. We’ll promote your job, attract top talent, conduct initial evaluations and help you bring the right person onboard.

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