EXCC: Creating a new blockchain that is based on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithms & preparation for DEX

What is DEX

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  • In a nutshell, a DEX, or decentralized exchange, is a peer-to-peer marketplace where crypto traders can transact directly without having to go through an intermediary.
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  • Truthfully, creating a strong DEX can require financial investment and can also demand time and effort from employees at all levels.
  • According to Samsung, “your mobile data won’t be transferred from the device to the desktop”, which seems to imply the data on the ‘phone’ portion of your S8 is kept separate to the DeX portion.
  • There is no need to share your personal information or seek any kind of permission to join a DEX platform.

The main objective of KAIDEX is to facilitate high-speed transactions, high liquidity, and a simple user experience for traders across the globe. In other words, it aims to provide a centralized user experience on a decentralized platform.


First, users register on the exchange’s website using their email address or mobile number. Next, there will be a KYC identity authentication process that has to be completed. Due to different laws in different countries and different strategies among exchanges, some exchanges allow you to perform cryptocurrency transactions right after you complete registration. However, if users want to perform transactions with fiat currency, it generally requires the completion of the KYC process.

How do decentralized platforms make money?

Decentralized exchange apps

Stock exchange decentralized apps offer their users the facility to trade a market share. The investors get a predefined amount for every transaction fee involved in a single stock exchange. This approach returns tremendous revenue to investors and exchange dApps businesses.

When it comes to payments, using a public blockchain and open-source exchange software either a DEX or a CEX is the way to go as it can easier to manage the transactions. As soon as you need to intermingle traditional currency I think is where the problem starts for all crypto projects. Now, DEXs came into the picture to overcome these problems and give users a true sense of ownership of their assets.

South Korean Regulator Set to Launch Crypto Auditing Guidelines

Decentralized finance refers to the infrastructure and technologies used to disintermediate financial services and transactions. Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is a segment of the cryptocurrency market that does not rely on central financial intermediaries. Smart contracts built https://www.tokenexus.com/ on top of blockchains take the place of traditional service providers like banks, exchanges, lenders and other financial services providers. It lets traders retain full control of their assets while being able to transact with fiat currencies and switch between blockchain networks.

  • Centralised trading has removed some of that potential – which is where decentralised exchanges come in.
  • The disgraced founder of collapsed cryptocurrency business FTX has been accused of trying to syphon assets from the exchange to the Bahamas.
  • It is shaping up to be quite a successful ICO as people are flocking up to buy more TFT Coins.
  • When you buy crypto on a decentralized exchange, you are buying from a liquidity pool.
  • Their elegant pricing solutions and inherent incentive structure have solidified decentralised trading and been quickly adapted by 93% of the DEX market.
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One of them is Samsung DeX, which gives users the experience of working on a desktop by connecting their mobile device to an external display device or a PC. This happens because everyone has the ability to mint the tokens and create liquidity pools for supporting them. For this reason, you will be able to access a variety of projects, including the unvetted and vetted projects. The feature of on-chain order books in DEX makes it more transparent as transactions take place on-chain. However, most DEX faces issues with speed and liquidity compared to their centralized counterpart. Another distinguishing feature of DEX is that it takes away the hassle of KYC during the registration process. Arguments in favour of this flow from the concept of cryptocurrencies as a form of hidden way of transacting without interference KYC regulations defeat that purpose.

The State of Cross-Chain Crime: Understanding Cross-Chain Risks and How Your Compliance Team Can Respond

The decentralized transactions are recorded and settled on the blockchain rather than on the internal database. As far as the centralized cryptocurrency is concerned, the users are allowed to trade the fiat currency for cryptocurrency, or they can also trade in the crypto-crypto pairs.

What is DEX

Others worry that those who leave traditional exchanges behind will end up in dangerous situations. Reputable exchanges comply with consumer safeguards, including laws, financial regulations, and licensing requirements in the countries where they do business.

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