If new software is installed in the system, a new folder or key is created in the registry. Whenever we use the software, all the data is stored in the registry so that it can be retrieved if needed.

Select the radio button “No ” in the “Device installation settings” window. From now, Windows Update will stop downloading the driver’s software for your Windows 10 computer or laptop. The Device Installation Settings window allows you to change the way Windows updates device drivers. To change Windows 10’s ability to check Windows Update for new or updated drivers, you’ll start by accessing Devices And Printers. To do so, click Start and type Devices in the search box to display Devices And Printers in the results panel, as shown in Figure A. You will be asked whether you want to automatically download manufacturers’ apps and custom icons available for your devices. My desktop started grabbing driver updates, even though i have had this disabled for years.

  • To disable automatic driver updates in Vista, select either the second or third option and click OK.
  • Click the Startup tab (click More details if you don’t see the Startup tab) and peruse the list of programs that start up with your computer.

Many old PCs have too little memory for modern apps. Consider 8GB the absolute minimum these days if not more, but note that 4GB is the maximum usable by 32-bit versions of Windows, so switching to 64-bit is a good idea. Adding RAM is the second thing to do after installing an SSD . You can go to the Control Panel, open Programs and Features, and then uninstall software you haven’t used in the last six months . If you scilexer.dll happen to still be using Windows 8 , bring up the Charms bar on the right side of the screen and click Settings, Change PC settings. To improve things further, head to the taskbar and click the upwards-facing arrow to display the notification icons.

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It’s features simple gameplay and it’s open source. Solitaire is arguably the go-to time-waster for PC users of a certain age. SpaceSniffer is a graphical disk use tool that lets you visualize how files and folders are stored on a drive. The freeware analyzer offers drag and drop support, zoom elements, filtering, support for NTFS Alternate Data Streams and more. If nothing else, it affords a fascinating look at the structure of your files and makes it easier to discover files and folders buried in areas that you might not otherwise look. Portable apps don’t modify the Windows registry or leave behind configuration files on the host computer.

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In my experience, I’ve rarely if ever found these “tips” helpful. I also don’t like the privacy implications of Windows constantly taking a virtual look over my shoulder. In just a few minutes you can try out this baker’s dozen of tips; your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.