3 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 Surface Tablet

I have mine set up to play every video file imaginable, DVD’s, and Blurays. The VLC bluray player only works for older Blurays…and even then they don’t let you use the damn menu if you want to watch any special feature or skip to a scene… The joke we had with VLC is that it will play everything, including peanut butter! So if VLC doesn’t work, then I’d try the DVD in another drive or DVD player to see if it works. Our personal favorite is VLC Media Player, but if you have another favorite, chances are, it will still work after upgrading to Windows 10. Let us know in the comments section below whether you still use DVDs to watch movies, or have since replaced physical disks with streaming media.

Press the Windows key + G to open the XBox Gaming Bar, then click the settings cog in the top menu bar. Under Gaming Features, you’ll see whether or not your computer has DirectX 12 Ultimate. Use our interactive simulators to walk through select hardware and software features on your device step by step. Intel technologies may require enabled hardware, software or service activation.

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Also, pressing Fn + Alt + Spacebar will yield you the same results. A screenshot is an image of whatever is on your screen . The ability to create screenshots, although not directly, has been available on the Windows Operating System for basically as long as the Operating System epson drivers download has existed. Alternatively, you can also pressAlt+Print Screento only capture whatever is in the active window on your screen. So Hold down the Alt key and press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This will only capture the in-focus/active window (the window ‘on top’).

  • You do not need to visit any external website to download Windows 11.
  • Many of these drives are also read/write capable, so you can burnDVDsandBlu-ray discs.
  • Widgets kind of failed on Windows Vista, but Microsoft thinks it has cracked the code — and is reintroducing them in Windows 11.

However, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer Driversol.. This end date will be no sooner than one year from general availability. If you’d like to see if your current PC meets the minimum requirements, you can download the PC Health Check app. Also, the company updated the Pashto keyboard layout so that ې and ئ are now directly accessible on the keyboard. Also, in the Start menu, you now have the option to remove the “Recommended” section, context menus, and the “All apps” list. On version 22H2, Windows 11 introduces a new policy to exclude USB removable drives from BitLocker encryption.

Lenovo External USB 3.0/2.0 ( 4XA0E DVD Player

There’s also a feature that lets you give some content creators a tip. They also removed all the touch friendly experience from Windows 8 and 8.1 only to be added back in Windows 11. In other words, there are a lot of cavets, so make sure to read Microsoft’s full post detailing the how the Insider program will work.


Here we also mentioned the other 6 Xvid player for Windows and Mac. Step 3.Click “Title” to select the one you want to rip if there are multiple titles and also the desired preset under the Title option. Another way to rip DVD videos to the computer is VLC Media Player. Most importantly, you can choose to save the audio track for editing separately once the recording is done. One-click to capture online meetings, live streaming video/audio, etc.

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